Office Chic

Hey guys!

Online shopping

The challenge with online shopping is that there is sooooooo much to choose from, cause The World is at your feet. On the other hand I can think of many advantages of online shopping:

  • Many of the fun items are only available online.
  • You can avoid travelling many many miles by bike, bus, car, plain or train, before you found the right shop for your fun shopping experience.
  • In many cases you can see how a garment looks on a model (for me its important that at least the top is fitted).
  • You can do your shopping in your nighty in a lazy chair and a glass of wine if you want to!

The Outnet

For me is a fun place to shop online. Although I have to warn you. The prices and the discounts aren’t always what they seem. Last year my eyes were caught by two awesome dresses from Just Cavalli with a discount of 50%. I found the same dresses at Yoox: the prices were the same, but than as normal retail prices. So I’ve been waiting till Yoox started sale season and I’ve purchased one. Anyway my latest purchase at The Outnet was just before the holiday season last December. I’ve worn it on the Christmas party at my part time job with Stadsdeel Zuidoost, at the last Fashion Week in Amsterdam, (MBFWA Said Mahrouf Fall 2017) and on a regular working day in the last week of December. On that day I had a lunch date with my dear (Instagram) friend Nadine.

Office Chic

The title of this post is ‘Office Chic’. I thought it has a nice ring to it. It appears that, when you google it, oh so many others had the same thought. The fun part though is that almost 100 % of the Google images are with female in it. I don’t know if it has something to do with my ‘profile’ that Google has on me, but I think that it is safe to state that women are far more occupied with the subject than men do. I’m a kind of subcategory in between. I work at the office, so I love the competition from women in this regard haha! The last couple of years I’ve worked at many (local government) offices. In those places you could count the fashionable/ stylish women on the fingers of one hand. How is the situation at your workplace?

The Look

You have to excuse me for the quality of the photos. They left to be desired. The office lighting appeared to be insufficient for a photo shoot. Since the dress is out of stock, I considered that it has no point to approve that by additional lighting. A dear (Instagram) friend suggested one could say the photos are a bit mysterious. Anyway, the point that I want to make is, that this is a turning point in my career as a crossdresser. Up until now I had never worn a dress during office hours and my co workers seems to be okay with it. One day later a female co worker came up to me, asking me why I was in regular men’s clothes again. She was quite disappointed about that I might add! I told her that I might consider wearing women’s clothes on a more regular basis in the future.

Scribble printed crepe dress: Milly; basic black (string) bodysuit Wolford; basic black tights (opaque 80): Wolford; heels: Santori; glasses: Prada.


Meditate half an hour every day. Except when you are busy: than meditate one hour.

Thanks for stopping by and take care!



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