Patterned tights in red and outing crossdressing at work (again)

Hey guys,

it has been way tooooo long that I’ve posted a decent blogpost Sorry about that!

My designs in woodworking and DIY projects

In earlier posts I’ve mentioned that I have other hobbies too, like woodworking and DIY project in our home. We have been pushing furniture around and because of that I had to take the time to design and make a new cabinet and a new banister at the attic. Although this is my style blog, but maybe for once I do a post of the bigger DIY projects I’ve been designed and build.

Outing crossdressing at work

On the subject of my crossdressing it has been an exciting time for me too. For instance on the job. At my work we have a newsletter, with a reach of over 120 co-workers. I was asked by one of the members of the editorial group to tell something about my hobbies. The issue for me was, if I should tell them about all of my hobbies, including the crossdressing part. About 25 of my co-workers already knew that I do it and how I do it and I know they are okay with it. That was one of the reasons to open up and so I decided to go all the way! The next hurdle to pass was the editor in chief (he is also my manager). He knows about my crossdressing habits for about two years and despite that, he offered me a full time job* in March (which I took with both hands)! You know, when it’s out there you can’t change it back. So better be careful what and how you write things down. And he loved the piece too! And now I’m in issue #6. The newsletter has been send by email last April. So pretty exciting how the vast majority would respond to the news!

Well, I’m not gonna lie to you: only a handful of co-workers responded (with compliments). All of them already knew about it. So the rest of the co-workers haven’t red the newsletter to the end or …? I’m relaxed about it. It wasn’t my intention to get applause or anything. That goes also for why I crossdress in the first place, not for applause, but for myself. It makes me feel good about myself and my body. My intention was to get it out in the open, and maybe a male or female co- worker got inspired by/in my proces.

*For a periode of three years I have been working two jobs, both 18 hours a week, for two different departments in Amsterdam.

The newsletter (Sorry, it’s in Dutch)

Knipsel nieuwsbrief Francesca

Wolford tights

Of course I’ve used Wolford tights to brighten up this post (haha). It’s a pair from an earlier season maybe two years ago. I believe It was one of the last seasons in which Wolford had a patterned pair of tights in an awesome color. Their loss I would say! I know a fab shop in Haarlem (The Netherlands) that has taken, and still takes, pride in building a name to be thé shop in tights, stockings and socks for many years: Stemm Voetiek.

Glasses: D&G (UK) or D&G (Ebay); bracelet: local jewelry store in Heemstede, The Netherlands. All other items are from previous seasons: dress: Goosecraft (2013), String bodysuit: Wolford (201?), shoes: YSL Tribute SandaIs (2016), watch, ring (201?), necklace (2014) and ear pendants (201?) aren’t available in the (web) shops anymore.

This is me in the firts post with this dress (a bit more ‘conservative’ would you say haha), back in 2013.

Sept 2013


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