About Francesca

Yo visitor!

Welcome to my style blog!

Feel free to look into my closet!

I started this blog to use it as a portfolio for myself.

The name came to me years ago. I had no clue what to do with it, until I wanted to start a blog. Contessa is the female form of Conte (in English, “count”), a title of Italian nobility. I know that, when I would have been a countess , I should have written it like: Francesca contessa di Parma. Clearly I’m not a countess, but the title gives it a nice ring to the name.

You probably have seen that I’m a man. That’s no secret. I’m perfectly happy as a man. I allow myself once a week to act out my need to present myself as a better me. I like to wear dresses and heels, because I think womens clothes look good on me too. Make-up is not my thing, sorry! So you could say I’m a transvestite/cross-dresser/ etc. But if you really need to put a label on me, I prefer the label lesbian, because I’m totally into women ;o).

One day I will show you some dresses I’ve designed myself!

So stay tuned!


PS: In case you wonder: the hair, the glasses and the breasts are detachable, the rest is all me.

31st of March 2013


10 thoughts on “About Francesca

  1. Awesome! i think in the same way i love “women clothes”, but i consider that they are only clohes that doesn’t define my sexual orientation… if it fits me and i like ti it’s mine. I adore wearing tights i wear it as male in bermuda, dress or skirt., no make up….and tell you when you shave your legs the sensation is wonderful, even you can wear sheer ones.

    • Hi llorenç,
      thanks for your comment.
      I’m pretty sure I can imagine what you mean about wearing tights. I have very hairy legs. For a man they are quite beautiful. For my cross dressing it is a controllable frustration. My girlfriend is very fond of my legs as they are. So I cover my legs with at least tights of 100 denier or more, or two pair of tights over each other.

      In my perfect world I wouldn’t have any body hair, except on top of my head. On one hand it would give me the freedom to wear any pair of tights I like. On the other hand I would love to wear no tights at all! In combination with a flared dress of skirt it would be wonderful. Therefore I envy all women who dare to go ‘bare legged’.
      But as long as I am in this current relationship I’m keeping all my hear.
      My biggest challenge is wearing high heels though.

  2. Since first seeing you on LOOKBOOK or someplace else, I have long appreciated your style. I don’t usually visit this blog, but I did pop in here just to share my respect for your work and your style. Keep up the great work, take care, and be well. Much love from the United States.


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