Office Chic


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The problem with online shopping is that there is sooooooo much to choose from, cause The World is at your feet. The upside is that many of the fun items are only available online and/or you can avoid travelling many many miles by bike, car, train, boat or plane, before you found the right shop for your fun shopping experience. Another upside of online shopping is that you can do your shopping in your nighty in a lazy chair and a glass of Continue reading


MBFWA: Said Mahrouf Fall/Winter 2017


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I already went once to a fashion show of Said Mahrouf. That was also at MBFWA but then in January 2015 (MBFW Amsterdam Fall/Winter 2015). Last month I had the opportunity to visit his latest fashion show. As it turns out, The mastermind and head designer of House of Byfield, Carmichael Byfield, was invited by Doudou-PR to attend the presentation of the Fall/Winter 2017 collection of Said Mahrouf ‘Lines and Panels’ Continue reading

Red velvet shoes


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In the middle of the preparation of my Happy-Merry_Christmas_post I caught up in the preparation of Christmas itself. So in this post you will find still a bit of the Christmas spirit.

In my last post I mentioned that I’m taking baby steps to reach my goal to create more and more awareness to the subject of cross-dressing. The ultimate goal would be at least the respect and acceptance of guys/men like me, who like to dress up as girls/women for fun, because it’s a necessity or both.

In the week before Christmas, I’ve made bigger steps (in high heels of course!). I have two jobs. And at both parties I went for the first time as Francesca.

At one job we had a drink with snacks and music. There were only a few co workers who knew about my alter ego and now approximately a hundred people were gathered to raise a glass to celebrate the successes of last year and to bless the successes to come next year. Here I went in a new, what I would call a, office-chic dress. This dress will be up on my blog later this year. I think I managed to go low profile. At least I stayed in the background because I didn’t know what to expect how they would react. A few co workers came up to me to compliment me on my appearance. That felt great and comforting! It made me more convinced to go as Francesca to the big office party two days later at my other job. Continue reading

Just Cavalli in Blue


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I have more hobbies than just to look for the next fabulous piece of clothing that could complement my body (and in what size to order!?). One of those hobbies is woodworking. Over the years I designed and carried out different kind of cabinets and tables. I also take on DIY jobs. Sometimes I do a combination of DIY and woodworking, like my last project.

Because this is the last week of my vacation at home, I have the time to take down the roof above our front door. The roof hasn’t been Continue reading

Another masterpiece by JC


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I hope you all had a wonderful start in this brand new year! And that your plans or dreams for 2016 are even better. May they all come true!

I don’t have many dreams (left), but my numero UNO dream is a biggie: start my own clothing label for women! I strongly believe that it helps a lot when you put it out into the universe. So here it comes!

The designs would be with a similar cut as you can see throughout my blog: sometimes with a flared skirt, sometimes Continue reading



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I hear you think: what is that all about? Well from July 5th till 9th 2015 it was the presentation of Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture collections for Fall/Winter 2015.

In this post I show you my personal favs. Continue reading

Another day at MBFWA


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From 3 – 13 July the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was in Amsterdam to present the Spring/Summer 2016 collection of upcoming talents, designers and commercial labels and brands. I witnessed three of the catwalk shows on Saturday July 11. The first show I attended was House of Byfield. One of the models at this show is a dear Facebook and Instagram friend of mine: Bonny Severijns . It was her first time to walk a show Continue reading

Multi-colored snake


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So I promised you a post about how to walk in high heels step by step. At first I thought it would be easy to mention a few pointers and that would be the end of it. I was wrong! There is a lot to tell about this subject and I want to present you a part of all that in a understandable way. So give me a few weeks more to work it all out.

I’m entitled to some credit on this subject because for the last four years I go out once a week and spent hours and miles on high heels.
While I’m working on my end, you could already start by practicing Continue reading