NIKKIE for a tough or a stiletto look


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Yeah I know I am pretty shallow for just posting clothing stuff, so you might get inspired. At least I don’t do anyone harm by it, in big contrast to those bombers lately. WHAT THE FU*** IS THAT ALL ABOUT? What is the purpose of killing innocent people? Just because not everyone has the same religion. You must have a pretty Continue reading


New casual blue


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In my first own home I was mister Blue. I bought lots of blue stuff. Blue curtains, blue carpets, blue furniture ( most of the time different blues in one room), etc. And of course blue clothing. After five years I engaged in my first serious relationship. Over a period of two years all that blue disappeared and made way for all other different colors. This year we celebrate our twentieth anniversary! Last year I’ve made a profound turn and bought my blue winter coat, which I’ve already showed you. Continue reading

Shadows of Wolford sale #2


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There is a first time for everything. Last Friday it applied in four ways and all in one evening:

I was at a Christmas party with coworkers (I work here since January 1st)
In a dress and heels on a party (OOTD HERE).
I never told my colleagues I wear dresses and heels in my free time, now they saw me in it. Continue reading

Shadows of Wolford sale #1


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Let me tip you off about the sale that starts this week at the Wolford store near you (in many countries) (not jet on the internet).There was a private sale this weekend.For me it’s a long time since I couldn’t make up my mind what to buy in this sale season at Wolford, because there is so much to choose from! So I bought several pairs of tights and a red bodysuit. Continue reading

New Wolford Color: Carnelian


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As in every season Wolford comes this autumn/winter with new colors. In earlier years you saw this color in almost every basic item. One of my fav items is the Colorado string body. And one of the things I love about Wolford, besides excellent quality and fit, they make a matching pair of tights. I always go for high denier number. I love bright colors, so it wouldn’t surprise you that I picked this season color carnelian. When I put it all together it may look a bit fierce, but hey, that is how I like it the most! Continue reading

My ship to NYFW 2014 has sailed


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Last year I was all fashionable in a leopard print dress and heels for the LB NYFW contest 2013.. Two of the contestants were sending off to NY to actually see the fashion show for themselves. Well my look(s ^_^) didn’t help me to get on board, so that year I missed the boat. Continue reading

Dancing with myself (Billy Idol)


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Dear readers,

Sometimes I take a piece of music with me to loosen up when I go for a photo shoot. I have many fav artists. Billy Idol is one of them and Dansing with myself is one of his songs.There are many YouTube videos on The Internet: Vevo. Continue reading