Red velvet shoes


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In the middle of the preparation of my Happy-Merry_Christmas_post I caught up in the preparation of Christmas itself. So in this post you will find still a bit of the Christmas spirit.

In my last post I mentioned that I’m taking baby steps to reach my goal to create more and more awareness to the subject of cross-dressing. The ultimate goal would be at least the respect and acceptance of guys/men like me, who like to dress up as girls/women for fun, because it’s a necessity or both.

In the week before Christmas, I’ve made bigger steps (in high heels of course!). I have two jobs. And at both parties I went for the first time as Francesca.

At one job we had a drink with snacks and music. There were only a few co workers who knew about my alter ego and now approximately a hundred people were gathered to raise a glass to celebrate the successes of last year and to bless the successes to come next year. Here I went in a new, what I would call a, office-chic dress. This dress will be up on my blog later this year. I think I managed to go low profile. At least I stayed in the background because I didn’t know what to expect how they would react. A few co workers came up to me to compliment me on my appearance. That felt great and comforting! It made me more convinced to go as Francesca to the big office party two days later at my other job. Continue reading


Ready for Autumn/Winter with Ted Baker and Michael Kors


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My mom knows for almost two decades about my clothing fetish, almost as long as my girlfriend. My girlfriend didn’t, and still doesn’t, want to know when I order something from the women’s department,, so I used her address for years. Every time she received a package for me, we opened it. Most of the times she liked the items I ordered in. She often says to me: ‘Íf this makes you happy, you have my blessing to pursue it, but I rather see you in men’s clothes. So most of the occasions I visit her, I go as my regular me and sometimes I go as Francesca. The last time I visited her as Francesca was not so long ago. On that day we went shopping Continue reading

New Years Eve 2015


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How was this year so far for you? Oh wait! It’s almost gone!

For me it was quite a year, with ups and downs.

A major up was my blooming cooperation with House of Byfield (HOB), especially with the founder and head designer Carmichael Byfield. It looks like the cooperation could be growing into a full blossom next year. Another up was that I still had enough inspiration to quite some posts on my blog. It makes me feel alive to work on these posts, especially to put the looks together, to model for the camera and to pick out the most striking poses. Also the awesome comments once a post is posted (still not so much on my blog, but on I have 439 fans right now) keeping me going. I have several looks to work on for next year, so stay tuned! Continue reading

Celebrating two years of developing my style!


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It has been two years ago already, that I started this blog. Last year I was less productive than the first year but I had much more fun last year. The first year I had this incredible drive to post as many looks as I could think of, but didn’t make time for anything else. Continue reading

It’s my birthday, and I’m still going strong!


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Despite my age I’ve got the feeling I’m getting stronger and stronger. In the photos it is me trying to portray me being still going strong!

The dress stands for powerful clothing and is one of the two most super fab dresses I have. The other one is a masterpiece by JC. Continue reading

Red Carpet


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In my post Pregnant? I had a red carpet in the background. And it was so obvious, that I couldn’t see it. After the comment on my post on of my fellow lookbooker Iza Bella (I love her sense of humor!) it hit me. I could use it of one of my next posts. You have to know I use this location quite often to change clothes before I go shopping in women’s clothes, and this was the first time I used it as a photoshoot location. Continue reading

Off shoulder dress/black and white 3 – outside pictures

Dear readers,

In December last I promised you better pictures of the Lipsy off shoulder dress, because of the worse quality. So I took the dress on January 10 outside for a photoshoot. It was about 5 degrees Celcius, but quite sunny. I’m still not satisfied with these pictures. Mainly because of the low angle. I’m working on a higher tripot. Nevertheless I think they are quite nice. See for yourself!

Thank you en take care!

Dress: Lipsy

OffShoulderOutside1 OffShoulderOutside2 OffShoulderOutside3 OffShoulderOutside4 OffShoulderOutside5

Off shoulder dress/black and white 3

Dear readers, two weeks ago I was surfing on the site of to check for something nice. Over the years I discovered that if I see, for example, a beautiful dress on a model on the internet or in a catalogue, that it often doesn’t look good on me. By now I think I can make, in most cases, a distinction between what I like to see and what I want to wear.

Back to Asos. I was looking for dresses and shoes. For me shoes has to have a heel that is at least 8 cm high and has to have an edge. I prefer booties or sandals, because I think these make my legs look longer. My feet differ in size, therefore I believe there aren’t pumps designed for my feet. Occasionally I go for boots. So for me it wasn’t a surprise that there wasn’t a pair that fitted the profile.

In the dresses department I was only mesmerised by the presentation of two dresses. One is this off shoulder dress by Lipsy. The other one I’ll show you probably next year, because first the pictures of the photoshoot last Saturday are worse then the pictures below en second I go on holidays.

My sincere apologies because of the quality of the photos.  I’m so excited that I found this dress, I wanted to show you this before I go away for my holidays. After I come back I promise I make new photos.

Thanks a lot for stopping by!

Dress: Lipsy


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