NIKKIE for a tough or a stiletto look


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Yeah I know I am pretty shallow for just posting clothing stuff, so you might get inspired. At least I don’t do anyone harm by it, in big contrast to those bombers lately. WHAT THE FU*** IS THAT ALL ABOUT? What is the purpose of killing innocent people? Just because not everyone has the same religion. You must have a pretty Continue reading

Animal prints never go out of style


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The Look
So you know: all of the items aren’t available anymore, because it is all older or old stuff. I found the jacket last year in the lovely second hand store Kat & Co, in a city near Amsterdam (Haarlem). Usually I don’t buy my stuff in a second hand store. I am more a giver haha. Mainly because I like new and fresh things and they only have one size of each item. But this jacket was placed on a doll in the store window and I couldn’t resist to go in and check the size of it. As you can see it fits perfectly!

The string bodysuit, the bra and tights I found in my fav Wolford shop, also in Haarlem (last year). The skirt is about 15 years old and is from Corel Amsterdam. And the shoes are from L.K. Bennett (about 6 years ago). Still one of my fav pair of booties! Continue reading

Pendants remodeled into statement earrings


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Don’t you sometimes see something really beautiful and you desperately want to have it, but price wise it’s way out of your league? That happened to me two years ago when I saw these statement earrings. For the preparation of this post, I visited the site of again and found out they are probably one of their signature earrings. Today they come in two types. The ones in pink gold Continue reading

Three years on the blog, and still counting!


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Unbelievable it’s been already three years on the blog, and still counting!
The average number of posts has dropped from once a week to once a month though. That doesn’t mean my inspiration has dropped too. On the contrary! It means I have more Continue reading

Amsterdam Characters

Hey Guys!

I’ve got news for you! You have probably never seen me so excited as I am right now! Because ….. there is a coffee table book coming out next week about Amsterdam Characters. And among other illustrious Amsterdam characters, I’m on the cover and on the inside of the book, with a background story. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

I;m the main character in this video to promote the book. The video is Dutch spoken. The publisher is working on the subtitles. In short: I tell you something about the fact that women are privileged to be free to choose from so many item to express themselves and that I feel free to use the same items. Items such as skirts, dresses and heels. And Anna (more about her after the video) tells you about her experience that often people who are dressed as an individual, they have a story to tell. And Anna is all in for the stories, knowing she has been studying sociology at the University of Amsterdam. So that is what the book is about: the story behind the individual characters of Amsterdam.

Last November someone from my past (last contact was back in 2013)  knocked on my door. It was the talented lady photographer and (copy)writer Anne Brugts. Anne told me about her plans to make a book about the most striking characters on her blog and if she could use the photos of me on her blog. The ones who are following my blog for the past years, know we met on several occasions. And that she is the reason I started to take photos of myself in my outfits.

To promote the book she had this idea to make videos with a few of the characters in the book. If I was interested to participate in one of the videos. I must admit I was very flattered because of the way she did the introduction to the proposal, so I said yes  We shot the video in the same month.

It felt for me like quite an accomplishment for all parties to make a presentable video. I know myself. I can show you many many photos of me when I try too hard to look at my best … oh no I threw them all away because they all were terrible! Thanks to the laid back interview approach of Anna and the special skills of the cameraman (from Soda Content), I’m very happy with the video!

Now I’m invited to the launch of the book this Tuesday and I’m excited to go! I’ll tell you all about it in another post. After this Tuesday you can buy the book in bookstores and webshops in The Netherlands.

Publisher: Kosmos uitgevers

Note: I have no clue weather the publisher or any webshop will ship the book outside The Netherlands. If you really want the book ask me to make an arrangement for you!

Guess What …


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Yeah I must admit I have enough dresses to slip into; each week in another dress. Nevertheless I couldn’t resist buying this amazing sheath dress from the latest collection of Guess. It has a lovely print, it is made of a dreamy softness and fluid fabric, it has a body hugging cut and it is as good as wrinkle proof.

And the most amazing thing Continue reading

Fashion Fragrance for 2016

Hey guys!
Last year I hosted a giveaway to promote the new fragances of House of Byfield. Tiffany Konecko won the Celena fragrance fair and square. She posted a post about how she feels about it.

I’ll say a very beautiful case of when you give something, you could get an even greater gift in return!

Thanks a million Tiffany!


Celina is more then just a perfume…It’s a way of life for the fashion forward. Celina is one of the many new fashion fragrances available from designer House of Byfield.  It’s bea…

Source: Fashion Fragrance for 2016

New York Fashion Week here I come!


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Like I mentioned in my last post, I don’t have ma1ny dreams (left). My number two dream is:

visit New York Fashion Week. With a former female classmate from elementary school I had a plan to go last year. But somehow we lost touch and I went this summer to Fashion Week in Amsterdam instead haha.

There I’ve met my male best friend: Continue reading

Another masterpiece by JC


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I hope you all had a wonderful start in this brand new year! And that your plans or dreams for 2016 are even better. May they all come true!

I don’t have many dreams (left), but my numero UNO dream is a biggie: start my own clothing label for women! I strongly believe that it helps a lot when you put it out into the universe. So here it comes!

The designs would be with a similar cut as you can see throughout my blog: sometimes with a flared skirt, sometimes Continue reading

New Years Eve 2015


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How was this year so far for you? Oh wait! It’s almost gone!

For me it was quite a year, with ups and downs.

A major up was my blooming cooperation with House of Byfield (HOB), especially with the founder and head designer Carmichael Byfield. It looks like the cooperation could be growing into a full blossom next year. Another up was that I still had enough inspiration to quite some posts on my blog. It makes me feel alive to work on these posts, especially to put the looks together, to model for the camera and to pick out the most striking poses. Also the awesome comments once a post is posted (still not so much on my blog, but on I have 439 fans right now) keeping me going. I have several looks to work on for next year, so stay tuned! Continue reading