The world is my runway: Milano July 2017


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So much has happens in my life since April concerning my cross-dressing way of life, that I’m completely backed up. So in random order I’ll post what has happened …

This post is about my super awesome trip to Milano in July.
How do I do that: walking in high heels that well?

People still ask me how I can walk in heels that well. For me is that kind of awkward Continue reading


Another Diva


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Cross-dressing is a big part of who I am. It took me a while to admit it and there it is. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, when you read and look at my posts. I’m more and more open about this, even to my managers. I believe that it opens the possibility to create something bigger than the sum of things and helps to create awareness among people who didn’t had the chance to come in contact with someone like me. Cross-dressing is not a fantasy of a tv producer or movie director, it is actually based on what is going on in real life! Continue reading

It feels like it is still Summer in this Diva Catwalk dress


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It looks like the book ‘Amsterdam Characters’ is slowly taking over Amsterdam. It is a coffee table book with photos of people from Amsterdam and their stories: From the woman who only wears pink to the man on his crusade against jeans. I’m in the book twice!

First in the regular bookstores in Amsterdam, also in the biggest bookstore in Amsterdam: Scheltema (photo in the middle). Now the book is also available in places like the shop of ‘De Nieuwe Kerk’ (New Church) *1*2 and Continue reading

Just Cavalli in Blue


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I have more hobbies than just to look for the next fabulous piece of clothing that could complement my body (and in what size to order!?). One of those hobbies is woodworking. Over the years I designed and carried out different kind of cabinets and tables. I also take on DIY jobs. Sometimes I do a combination of DIY and woodworking, like my last project.

Because this is the last week of my vacation at home, I have the time to take down the roof above our front door. The roof hasn’t been Continue reading

New Years Eve 2015


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How was this year so far for you? Oh wait! It’s almost gone!

For me it was quite a year, with ups and downs.

A major up was my blooming cooperation with House of Byfield (HOB), especially with the founder and head designer Carmichael Byfield. It looks like the cooperation could be growing into a full blossom next year. Another up was that I still had enough inspiration to quite some posts on my blog. It makes me feel alive to work on these posts, especially to put the looks together, to model for the camera and to pick out the most striking poses. Also the awesome comments once a post is posted (still not so much on my blog, but on I have 439 fans right now) keeping me going. I have several looks to work on for next year, so stay tuned! Continue reading

Spring 2015


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I’m glad I just finished my post Step by step walking in high heels – Part 1: The heels. Next part would be about the actual walking. I expect that to deliver in July. Because first I have to take a walk (party in heels) into my holiday!

The dress is from the Dutch fashion brand Superstition. They say it is for young women who are open minded, original and full of character and full of life. Superstition is smart, Continue reading