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Hey guys,

It’s been too long!

So much has happened so quickly, that I saw no time to update my blog.

The important stuff about the contessa, social media wise, takes place on Instagram now: the contessa on Instagram.

One BIGGIE is the fact I’m wearing dresses and high heels at the office since February 2018.

Here is the latest video of me (yeah I’m not wearing my wig and/or sunnies. I thought is was time to loose those as a disguise) on Instagram:

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NOTE: I don't know wtf happened with this post. I had shortened the video to 10 seconds, but IG thought it was funny to post the whole video pffft. And the crazy thing is, that for a couple of hours I just saw the video as how it supposed to be! #offtowork today in #TedBakerDress, #Wolfordtights and #MichaelKors heels. My bestie @_c_r_e_s_s_ found the dress in a sample sale of Ted Baker clothes and accessories. At first I wasn't sure if it was a dress for me, but now I glad she convinced me. I have a dinner date with her this evening and I was thinking it's a nice gesture to wear it. #Francescaofftowork #francescasofficeoutfit #francescadiparmastyle #officechic  #thefierce50revolution #IamWhoIam  #dresstoexpress #amsterdamcharacter  #officedress #officewear #officeoutfit  #highonheels #highheeladdict #styleinfluencer #styleblogger #fashionblogger #fashionbloggerstyle #crossdresser #crossdressingisfun #fashionover50 #over50andfabulous #francescaonthebike #highheels #fierceatwork #ootd #Herengracht

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Patterned tights in red and outing crossdressing at work (again)


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In earlier posts I’ve mentioned that I have other hobbies too, like woodworking and DIY project in our home. We have been pushing furniture around and because of that I had to take the time to design and make a new cabinet and a new banister at the attic. Although this is my style blog, but maybe for once I do a post of the bigger DIY projects I’ve been designed and build.

Outing crossdressing at work

On the subject of my crossdressing it has been an exciting time for me too. For instance on the job. At my work we have a newsletter, Continue reading