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Hey guys,

since a couple of years now I keep a Instagram account. At first I had no idea what to do with it and nowadays I see it as my inspirational channel for dresses, heels, jewelry, nail polish and more. Here are my latest posts:

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Thanks for stopping by and maybe I see you soon @contessaFrancescaDiParma!


Brown and blue

Hi dear readers,

sorry you haven’t seen much of me lately. The thing is I’ve found another addiction. In my post on the New York Fashion Week 2013, I mentioned that I entered the competition Well … that didn’t work out for me. Not that I expected much, but I was totally disappointed when I found out who had won this competition. In my opinion the jury was quite lazy in picking the winners. They were the ones who had the most hypes. stated that everone had an equal chance of winning, cause they would judge on good looks and a good story. Let me put it nicely: among the contestants were far more better looks and stories. What ever … I’m still going strong!

The blazer I’ve  bought at one of my fav stores in Haarlem: ‘A Guy Named Sue’.

Thanks for reading and hope you’ll be back!

Blazer: Hans Ubbink; body and tights: Wolford; shoes: Ab Donkers

BrownAndBlue1 BrownAndBlue2 BrownAndBlue3 BrownAndBlue4

Stormy Weather

Dear reader,
In this period of time I try to figure out what I want to with my life from this moment on. For me it isn’t easy, because I have many interests. You probably can guess: Fashion is one of those. Due to circumstances, it has become the main interest the last two years. And then only one percent of the fashion that women usually wear, can really interest me. One of my considerations was to make a living out of it.
Since I putting myself on the internet via Facebook, my blog and, I noticed that the competition is enormous and that my interpretation of fashion not everybody’s cup of tea is. It could be the way I present myself, so I’m working on that part. At least I’m having much fun and getting more and more creative in presenting myself and that’s what I can also use in real life.
These pictures in stormy weather are a reflection of this period of my life.
Thank you for reading and watching.
Enjoy life!

Dress: Issa London; body and tights: Wolford; booties: Invito.

And …… ACTION!



Mix & match with the color violet (3)


Dress: Caroline Biss; tights: Wolford; shoes: Ab Donkers

Dress: Caroline Biss; tights: Wolford; shoes: Ab Donkers

Clothing designer Caroline Bis has, in my opinion, generaly a collection of very neat clothing. Ones in a while she produces a more bold piece, like this one.

We all have our moment when a sales lady says: ”It suites you very well” but you are not so sure … For me this is a perfect example. But with a colorful pair of tights, it works out fine!