The world is my runway: Milano July 2017


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So much has happens in my life since April concerning my cross-dressing way of life, that I’m completely backed up. So in random order I’ll post what has happened …

This post is about my super awesome trip to Milano in July.
How do I do that: walking in high heels that well?

People still ask me how I can walk in heels that well. For me is that kind of awkward Continue reading


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Hey guys,

since a couple of years now I keep a Instagram account. At first I had no idea what to do with it and nowadays I see it as my inspirational channel for dresses, heels, jewelry, nail polish and more. Here are my latest posts:

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Thanks for stopping by and maybe I see you soon @contessaFrancescaDiParma!

New Boots

Three weeks ago I went sale shopping.  I shop a lot for fun lately, but I’m not affraid to spent money. Although I try to limit myself to one item per shopping day. And I know that I have a very difficult taste in clothes and shoes. So I was pretty sure that there were no surpises on sale. Of  cours there was some new stuff too. And there they were. These amazing boots. In a store where I succeed only ones or twice a year. Oh and that awesome dress! OMG I was in distress.
I figured that I could wear the boots already in summer or early fall. The dress however was designed for moderate winter temperarures. And since we haven’t had many decent summer days, I didn’t want to think about winter already. So I bought the boots! the olny problem was that I wasn’t equipped to transport the big box to my home. In the knowledge that I had secured the boots, I left them in the shop. The following Friday they were mine!
Boots and dress: Caroline Biss; body and tights: Wolford

Putting new shoes to the test …

A few months back I bought this fabulous high heeled sandals. I wasn’t used to this typ of shoes. And they had an handicap: I couldn’t tighten the top straps tight enough.
So a fortnight ago I made a trail walk in a other part of town, from the parking garage to the shoeshop (to adjust the straps) a few blocks further. This way I was making sure that I was confident enough that I could walk in this type of shoes, without making a fool of myself. Despite the handicap , the trail run went very well. So last friday I took my new shoes for a walk in the city to go shopping.
The only purchase I couldn’t resist was at the Wolford private sale in my favorite Shop in Haarlem. I bought the Cheetah String Body. I hope I can show it to you this weekend in combination with the matching skirt.
After two hours  and 30 minutes it was ‘game over’, cause my feet were killing me!   That was much sooner then I expected, based upon my experience. The day I went for the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit I established a personal record. That day I wore booties, with the same heel height, for eight hours straight. But then we stopped now and then for coffee, more coffee, lunch, snack and diner. Oh, and now I come to think of it, I had an insole in the bootie. So that could explain it. Anyway … it was more like an endurance test for me, instead of the shoes!
I find this dress quite a catch, considering the design, quality and price. The body and tights are covering up my hairy body, sorry.
Body and tights: Wolford
Heels: Stuart Weitzman