House of Byfield at Art Hearts Fashion September 11th 2017: runway show prepared and directed by me.

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To start at the end: the finale, because I am proud I did it!

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BTW How about that, no heels! There were a number of reasons that I’m not wearing heels at the runway. As a courtesy to our star of the show was one. And it didn’t feel save running around in heels backstage and at the end I didn’t indulge myself the time to put them on.

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In February 2016 I was in New York to assist the representative of House of Byfield, Carolina Riffi Olite, to get the fashion show on the runway of Art Hearts Fashion. It was an exciting time. I was too flabbergasted to digest the whole experience in the few days I was there. So I’ve posted hardly anything in that period of time. I was determined to do it better next time.

This next time I created more or less myself. I arranged a stay of two weeks during Fashion Week in New York in September, way ahead when the invitation from Art Hearts Fashion (AHF) came to the office of House of Byfield, to do a fashion show on September 11th. Unfortunately there was no experienced representative available. If I wanted to do the show on my own please? My first reaction was: ‘cancel the whole show’. But the president/head designer/mastermind and name giver, Carmichael A. Byfield took no for an answer. He assured me I was experienced enough (I assisted on two earlier occasions: the one in February 2016 in New York and another one in July 2017 in Amsterdam) and there would be sufficient assistants available, provided by the organization of AHF. So on September 2nd I was on my way to JFK International Airport in New York with an extra suitcase with all the designs for the show!

So I had the designs with me, but no models to put it on. I had already three names of lovely ladies from Carmichael who were willing to walk for House of Byfield. I needed four more female models and five male models. So on Tuesday I went to the first model casting, which was arranged by the organization of AHF. I had no clue how to select the models since I was uncertain about the sizes of the designs (yes I asked the designer) and I saw models in all size. Halfway the casting I just asked some of the models just to try on some of the designs. At the end of the casting I had a nice list with the models I needed. On Wednesday was the second and last model casting. On that day the designers were supposed to deliver their final list to the organization of AHF. The casting wasn’t even started jet and I was called to the organization. To my surprise they explained to me I didn’t have to present my final list of models, because they would take care of the models I needed. So I was dismissed so to speak haha.

Me being there however wasn’t a total waist. I met Madeline Stuart (and her mom/manager Rosanne) there. Madeline was one of the ladies on my list whom would walk for House of Byfield for sure. In the designer package was an option, given by the organization , to ask for a Special Model Brand Ambassador. My designer had chosen for Celebrity Supermodel Madeline Stuart. Madeline is the first professional model with Down syndrome. Therefore she is a powerful advocate for inclusiveness and diversity in modelling. Besides that she is dancer, actor and role model. Since February 12th 2017 she officially added ‘clothing designer’ to her resume, by launching the clothing label 21ReasonsWhy. At that day we exchanged contact information to arranged a fitting at my hotel later that week.

In the next days before the runway show I had fittings with ‘my’ models, Greta Rupeika, Gabrielle Kaczkurkin and starting off with Madeline. That meeting had a fun twist. At the meeting was not only Madeline and her mom Rosanne present, but also a cameraman. They were in the middle of the preparation of a documentary about the life of Madeline. At least I was properly dressed. Even Rosanne told me the dress suited me very well. It was the Karen Millen dress I also wore to the runway show of David Topaz at Style Fashion Week that same day.

The day of the House of Byfield runway show was, to be expected, very chaotic at the end. Thanks to the cooperation of the models and another Dutch cloting designer, Odair Pereira, we’ve got the show on the runway.





Red Carpet with all the models


Red Carpet with ‘my’ models: Gabriella Kaczkurkin (l) Greta Rupeika (r)


The star of the show: Madeline Stewart






The video of the fashion show …



… the stars on the runway, one by one …




Photo:  WORLD FASHION MEDIA NEWS; model Michal


Photo:  WORLD FASHION MEDIA NEWS; model Greta Rupeika




Photo:  WORLD FASHION MEDIA NEWS; model Gabrielle Kaczkurkin


Photo:  WORLD FASHION MEDIA NEWS; model Justyna Olivia Ruszczyk




Photo:  WORLD FASHION MEDIA NEWS: model Jason Christopher Peters






Photo:  WORLD FASHION MEDIA NEWS; Model Aleksander Ashafi


Photo:  WORLD FASHION MEDIA NEWS; model Kristen Walters

the finale …




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