Amsterdam Characters x The Hoxton


On January 7th there was an event, as part of the series The Resolution Game at The Hoxton. There’s one game many of you play every year: where we tell ourselves we’re going to change all of our unhealthy habits, finally make that work-move we’ve been dreaming about and buy that bag we’ve been saving up for. One of your resolutions could be to get to know every nook and cranny of Amsterdam and what better way to do that, than Continue reading


Red velvet shoes


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In the middle of the preparation of my Happy-Merry_Christmas_post I caught up in the preparation of Christmas itself. So in this post you will find still a bit of the Christmas spirit.

In my last post I mentioned that I’m taking baby steps to reach my goal to create more and more awareness to the subject of cross-dressing. The ultimate goal would be at least the respect and acceptance of guys/men like me, who like to dress up as girls/women for fun, because it’s a necessity or both.

In the week before Christmas, I’ve made bigger steps (in high heels of course!). I have two jobs. And at both parties I went for the first time as Francesca.

At one job we had a drink with snacks and music. There were only a few co workers who knew about my alter ego and now approximately a hundred people were gathered to raise a glass to celebrate the successes of last year and to bless the successes to come next year. Here I went in a new, what I would call a, office-chic dress. This dress will be up on my blog later this year. I think I managed to go low profile. At least I stayed in the background because I didn’t know what to expect how they would react. A few co workers came up to me to compliment me on my appearance. That felt great and comforting! It made me more convinced to go as Francesca to the big office party two days later at my other job. Continue reading

Pendants remodeled into statement earrings


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Don’t you sometimes see something really beautiful and you desperately want to have it, but price wise it’s way out of your league? That happened to me two years ago when I saw these statement earrings. For the preparation of this post, I visited the site of again and found out they are probably one of their signature earrings. Today they come in two types. The ones in pink gold Continue reading

New Years Eve 2015


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How was this year so far for you? Oh wait! It’s almost gone!

For me it was quite a year, with ups and downs.

A major up was my blooming cooperation with House of Byfield (HOB), especially with the founder and head designer Carmichael Byfield. It looks like the cooperation could be growing into a full blossom next year. Another up was that I still had enough inspiration to quite some posts on my blog. It makes me feel alive to work on these posts, especially to put the looks together, to model for the camera and to pick out the most striking poses. Also the awesome comments once a post is posted (still not so much on my blog, but on I have 439 fans right now) keeping me going. I have several looks to work on for next year, so stay tuned! Continue reading

Wintertime: layer over layer over layer

Yo guys!

Although in The Netherlands we don’t have much of a winter so far, the outside temperature can surprise you when the wind is blowing from the east. To add to that the circumstance that my mother died recently, I needed a bit more comfort than usual.

Upper part:

  • a warm coat from Heart (a Dutch label) (bought last year in Autumn).
  • a nice red/orange sweater from Hugo Boss, which I’ve bought this Summer on sale in a department store in Switzerland.
  • a fabulous dress* from Issa London, bought this Summer at webshop
  • the famous standard issue string bodysuit from Wolford in black.

Lower part:

Two pairs of black mat opaque 80 denier tights from Wolford.

Thanks a lot for your visit and remember: your reflection is only visible in stagnant water.

*the dress will appear shortly in my next post


Another day at MBFWA


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From 3 – 13 July the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was in Amsterdam to present the Spring/Summer 2016 collection of upcoming talents, designers and commercial labels and brands. I witnessed three of the catwalk shows on Saturday July 11. The first show I attended was House of Byfield. One of the models at this show is a dear Facebook and Instagram friend of mine: Bonny Severijns . It was her first time to walk a show Continue reading

New winter coat


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It was quite a week last week. I could have been dead or worse (paralyzed). I was on my way to work on my bike and I was very very very close to a collision with a car. I was driving the priority road and I was almost near a junction. From the left was a car approaching slowly and instead of to yield, it slowly entered the intersection. I’m building up quite some speed in a 9 kilometer stretch. Thanks to my guardian angels, thanks angels!!!, and my breaks I barely could stop just in time to prevent a clash. And the car drove off without noticing anything! Continue reading

Stormy Weather

Dear reader,
In this period of time I try to figure out what I want to with my life from this moment on. For me it isn’t easy, because I have many interests. You probably can guess: Fashion is one of those. Due to circumstances, it has become the main interest the last two years. And then only one percent of the fashion that women usually wear, can really interest me. One of my considerations was to make a living out of it.
Since I putting myself on the internet via Facebook, my blog and, I noticed that the competition is enormous and that my interpretation of fashion not everybody’s cup of tea is. It could be the way I present myself, so I’m working on that part. At least I’m having much fun and getting more and more creative in presenting myself and that’s what I can also use in real life.
These pictures in stormy weather are a reflection of this period of my life.
Thank you for reading and watching.
Enjoy life!

Dress: Issa London; body and tights: Wolford; booties: Invito.

And …… ACTION!



Man in Red

Friday is my funday (like the Sunday is for the Bangles). And when the weather is nice on my funday, I usually go out in style. Last Friday the weather was very nice indeed, although it was a bit windy. But that didn’t spoil the fun at all. On the contrary! It even enhanced it. And the theme was … red.

I know I posted this look two months back, but the photos are very dull compared to the photos below. See for yourself and let me know what you think!

Glasses: Prada; dress: Issa London; stringbody and tights: Wolford; shoes: Invito.

PS: I forgot to put on a bit of lipstick.

Issa 1Issa 2Issa 3Issa 4

Issa 5