The world is my runway: Milano July 2017


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So much has happens in my life since April concerning my cross-dressing way of life, that I’m completely backed up. So in random order I’ll post what has happened …

This post is about my super awesome trip to Milano in July.
How do I do that: walking in high heels that well?

People still ask me how I can walk in heels that well. For me is that kind of awkward Continue reading


Just Cavalli in Blue


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I have more hobbies than just to look for the next fabulous piece of clothing that could complement my body (and in what size to order!?). One of those hobbies is woodworking. Over the years I designed and carried out different kind of cabinets and tables. I also take on DIY jobs. Sometimes I do a combination of DIY and woodworking, like my last project.

Because this is the last week of my vacation at home, I have the time to take down the roof above our front door. The roof hasn’t been Continue reading

Just Cavalli in red


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While the world is still crazy, I’m keeping myself occupied with little things like, in what size should I order the dresses I fell in love with at The Outnet (discount designer fashion outlet). This is by the way one of the places to be, when you care more about your style then for fashion.

For the ones who stumbled upon this post and visit my blog for the first time: I’m a sucker for prints. Especially prints on dresses.This time I fell in love with two dresses from Just Cavalli Continue reading

Zanotti shoes on sale 1

Dear readers,

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’m penny wise and pound foolish.

In the mens department I have quite a average shoe size (42/43), so even at the very beginning of the sale period, I rarely succeed in buying a nice pair. And altought the sale is on for quite some time, I managed to buy even two pair of smashing shoes in the womens department last Friday.

I still don’t know why they make this distinction (mens/womens) when it comes to clothing. I just buy what I think is better then nice and it often happens I  find it in the womens department. I know it is’nt alway a pleasure being a woman (I get that from my girlfriend), but at least you are lucky to have a broad range of clothing, shoes and accessories to choose from, without worrying about the public oppinion.

I must admit they were stil quite pricey (50% off). To ease my mind, I was thinking what the heck, I just order them and I can always send them back. NOT! Once I tryed them on, they fitted surprisingly perfectly in a size 41! And I could walk on then quite easy. And then there is no way I send them back. I don’t know about you, I live only ones. And when this might be a wrong assumption, I enjoyed very much this moment and the moments I wear them! 

As you can judge by the title  this story applies for another pair aswell. I will show you that pair next time around.


Dress: Just Cavalli; shoes:

NewShoesZanotti1 NewShoesZanotti2 NewShoesZanotti3 NewShoesZanotti4 NewShoesZanotti5 NewShoesZanotti6

Happy and colorful 2014!


Dear reader,

Cheers (salute, salud, proost, à la tienne, zum wohl, skål , Egészségedre, na zdrowie, etc.) to a new year! I wish you a happy, colourful, creative and prosperous year!

In my hand I hold a glass of ‘Carpe Diem Kombucha’. It is a non-alcoholic drink from Germany. Carpe Diem is Latin and means seize the day. I think it’s a nice to start a new year with such an intention.

I celebrate this new year with my latest buy from last year: a dress by Just Cavalli, which I bought on sale from Harrods. If you consider buying this item, don’t make the same mistake I did: buy too small!

In the S/S 2013 collection of McQ I fell for 2 items. I was, and come to think of it, still am, quite vein. In man’s sizes often a size S is perfect for me and even so often they don’t make that size. So I ordered and fitted a size S and M. I must admit size M was already quite tight, but I figured it was suppose to. And in the mirror it looked okay. Once I made the photos to show you, I saw I should bought one size bigger. But then it was too late to sent it back or buy a bigger size.

One you can see on my post Tropical Sunrise. The other one I hesitate to show you just jet, because, in my opinion, it really shows it’s too small for me.

After this fiasco I ordered a size S and M, because it was of a different designer and it could fit better this time. After I fitted the items, a little voice inside my head said send both items back and wait for a size L. And now I’m glad I did! First because it fitted much better and second, I could order it when it was on sale.

Thank you for stopping by and seize the day!

Dress: Just Cavalli A/W 2013

Masterpiece by JC

In my post of 31 of March last about Just Cavalli I showed you just a picture from a webstore with this exquisit dress I bought last year.  I stated that it was (and still is) by far my favorite dress, but it had to be about 20 degrees Celsius or more outside before I wear it …

Well … last friday it was one of the rare occations this year so far, that the weatherconditions were excellent to go for a walk in the park. And I made some photos to show my combo in total.

Sorry that I don’t have the perfect body to show you this real piece of art in a proper way, but I’m happy with it.

Shoes: L.K. Bennett; glasses: Prada; tights: Wolford.