First Winter look


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Surpise … me wearing a pair of pants!

I hear you think this look is so not me. I know this is only the second look with pants since I’ve started this blog almost four years ago and it has been a while since I’ve posted that look (October 25th, 2013: Spotting Wildlife) but I guess this look is also so me: it’s different, edgy, playful and with high heels! Continue reading


Spotting wildlife

Dear readers,

I live in an incredible place. I have many different possibilities to go to and I can be there all within the hour. To many of those places I took you already to, as a figure as speech,: cities full with shops, culture and food, the sea and parks. Last Friday I went to a whole different park. The dunes between Haarlem and the North Sea. You can spot here many deer. There are so many deer here that when there is not sufficient food in the park, they jump over the fence to geet some.

This day I took my winter jacket and boots for a walk.

Thank you for reading and take care!

Jacket: Pepe Jeans; pants: Cambio jeans; boots: Janet Sport



I rarely listen to the weatherforecast, because most of the time it never would be what they predicted and seldom the weather can stop me to go outside. Yesterday was one of the exceptions. A wanted to go out, but in this part of Holland the weather was it was cold and very wet.

I waited till three in the afternoon for at least a dry moment, cause I was all dressed up and ready to go, Then I decided to take pictures of my ensemble, for it was not a total waiste. I hope you like them.IMG_4973




Dress: Emma Cook

Tights: Wolford

Shoes: Sergio Rossi




I was prepared for the cold: A Pepe Jeans Jacket (below). Originally it was hook closure. My taylor turned it into a zip closure for me. I just wasn’t sure about the combo (dress and jacket) though. What do you think?