Ready for Autumn/Winter with Ted Baker and Michael Kors


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My mom knows for almost two decades about my clothing fetish, almost as long as my girlfriend. My girlfriend didn’t, and still doesn’t, want to know when I order something from the women’s department,, so I used her address for years. Every time she received a package for me, we opened it. Most of the times she liked the items I ordered in. She often says to me: ‘Íf this makes you happy, you have my blessing to pursue it, but I rather see you in men’s clothes. So most of the occasions I visit her, I go as my regular me and sometimes I go as Francesca. The last time I visited her as Francesca was not so long ago. On that day we went shopping Continue reading


Animal prints never go out of style


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The Look
So you know: all of the items aren’t available anymore, because it is all older or old stuff. I found the jacket last year in the lovely second hand store Kat & Co, in a city near Amsterdam (Haarlem). Usually I don’t buy my stuff in a second hand store. I am more a giver haha. Mainly because I like new and fresh things and they only have one size of each item. But this jacket was placed on a doll in the store window and I couldn’t resist to go in and check the size of it. As you can see it fits perfectly!

The string bodysuit, the bra and tights I found in my fav Wolford shop, also in Haarlem (last year). The skirt is about 15 years old and is from Corel Amsterdam. And the shoes are from L.K. Bennett (about 6 years ago). Still one of my fav pair of booties! Continue reading

Wintertime: layer over layer over layer

Yo guys!

Although in The Netherlands we don’t have much of a winter so far, the outside temperature can surprise you when the wind is blowing from the east. To add to that the circumstance that my mother died recently, I needed a bit more comfort than usual.

Upper part:

  • a warm coat from Heart (a Dutch label) (bought last year in Autumn).
  • a nice red/orange sweater from Hugo Boss, which I’ve bought this Summer on sale in a department store in Switzerland.
  • a fabulous dress* from Issa London, bought this Summer at webshop
  • the famous standard issue string bodysuit from Wolford in black.

Lower part:

Two pairs of black mat opaque 80 denier tights from Wolford.

Thanks a lot for your visit and remember: your reflection is only visible in stagnant water.

*the dress will appear shortly in my next post


So orange + Giveaway!


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You probably wonder when my post about the next step in the series Walking in high heels will appear on your screen. To be honest I couldn’t tell you right now. There is some other stuff I have to take care of first.

For instance I’m in the middle of the preparation of a launch of an eau de toilette, one for male and one for female. It’s for a dear friend of mine: Carmichael Byfield. He runs the fashion label House of Byfield. For the big public not so famous yet, but The House already showed at many fashion weeks in: New York (twice), Los Angeles (twice), Amsterdam, etc. and he is Continue reading

Wolford fantasy


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I’m still working on my post with tips and tricks how to walk on high heels. I can tell you this much: it’s gonna be a sequel. One of my tips is: don’t assume all the shoes are for walking. I don’t know if I was the only one who didn’t know, but there are actually shoes in which you better just sit down and be pretty with!

The look Continue reading

Celebrating two years of developing my style!


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It has been two years ago already, that I started this blog. Last year I was less productive than the first year but I had much more fun last year. The first year I had this incredible drive to post as many looks as I could think of, but didn’t make time for anything else. Continue reading

A bit of sunshine!


I can’t put it any better then Ted Baker how this skirt looks and why I fell for it: ‘It’s impossible to feel gloomy when you gaze at QUANDA. An illuminating new take on the pencil skirt, This fitted asymmetric style in Ted’s vibrant neon jacquard motif introduces dynamic new energy into your wardrobe.’ Continue reading

New casual blue


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In my first own home I was mister Blue. I bought lots of blue stuff. Blue curtains, blue carpets, blue furniture ( most of the time different blues in one room), etc. And of course blue clothing. After five years I engaged in my first serious relationship. Over a period of two years all that blue disappeared and made way for all other different colors. This year we celebrate our twentieth anniversary! Last year I’ve made a profound turn and bought my blue winter coat, which I’ve already showed you. Continue reading